GuangDong Color Panel Industrial Co., Ltd.Is a farsighted, dedicated progressive innovation enterprise, which leads the industry and endeavors to make improvements in manufacturing new translucent resin panel and its extended products.

Since very long ago, we've been looking for the stable substitute for traditional translucent panel, which is strong, stable and flexibledesign expression, and also environment friendly.

Due to the persistence, as new translucent resin panel manufacturer, our products are stable in nature, formaldehyde-free and volatile matter. You can combine all the elements such as color, texture, interlayer material, pattern, shapes, craft, lightetc into our products,make product flexibledesign expression.Our products will be widely used in building decoration, furniture, art lighting, exhibition, advertising and other industries,to differentiate our life and environment.

While we are striving for the establishment of new standards for material suitability, we also stick to our commitments of outstanding product design. The variety and sustainability of our products are well manifested by all the processes of manufacturing and designing. We are firmly undertaking the responsibility of environment protection, focusing on developing high quality and sustainable design material.

We have a professional fabricating team, an innovating designing team (L.K studio) and an experienced consulting sales and marketing team, which will combine international perspective and native culture and help you with the satisfied solution.

We are on our way with excitement to an endless goal, providing healthy, particular and customized life experience and building good surroundings for our children. We are heading for this goal with never compromising innovative spirit and extremely focusing on quality. We welcome you to go with us.

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